Only Iron remains

The Gorger Warren

1st adventure

The players are introduced to the village of Littlejohn & to each other. Our thief ends up setting up an unintentional subplot as he has an affair with an unmarried young lass in this very small community & her father finds out.

The characters find themselves all camped out near each other in the old campground inside the barricade. As the night draws into early pre-dawn morning the characters are awakened by the sounds of nearby screams and combat.

A sizable party of rat-like humanoids have taken out the dogs & sentries and climbed the barricade ignoring the cuts and tears they had to endure to climb over the barbed wire. They have sprung a brutal nighttime raid on the village. The camped traders & outsiders in their tents are closer than the village proper & more vulnerable & the bulk of the raid attacks there. the characters do significant damage despite being caught without their armor. Eventually the remaining ratmen flee taking a few of the dead with them.

Nabiya the archer uses her healing skills to aid the wounded and saves several lives. By dawn it is clear that seven are dead & three missing. The adventurers decide to follow the ratmen’s trail later that morning.

Avoiding a simple deadfall that might have been much harder to spot at night had they followed immediately. They continue on running afoul of the hunting grounds of an giant lizard, after dispatching the aggresive beast the finally come to an odd sight. A ramshackle structure made out of the ruins of dozens of residential homes torn apart & crudely rebuilt into a wood &^ mud daub structure like a wide artificial hill covering about two residential blocks.

The spot a group of concealed guards watching over an old garage door blocking the entrance to the warren. The thief sneaks behind and slits one guard’s throat as the archer buriesa a shaft in another. The remaining two are taken in the weaponmaster’s charge.

They made their way through a maze of narrow oddly shaped tunnels killing most of the ratmen. At the end they faced two difficult battles as they faced the largest group of ratmen yet and then had little time to recover before facing the ratmen’s leader. An Enormously obese & just plain enormous albino ratman wielding a giant greataxe with brutal speed and power. The ratman cursed them all in broken english consigning them all to the guts of “The Gorger” as he attacked. Kale the weaponmaster was badly injured but survived that battle. The room in which the leader was found was clearly a temple or shrine to this “Gorger” displayed in paintings & crude idols as an enormous albino rat large enough to have humans hurled into its maw. There was a little moping up to do on the way out, but no serious resistance. While some ratmen out on patrol may have survived, none inside the warren did.

The group returned to a thankfull village, though a certain agry father had to be restrained and mollified with the party’s promise that the potential father would not be allowed to leave until it was certain whether his daughter was pregnant or not



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