The Village of Littlejohn

The village in which the campaign starts


The village is a semi-circle around the NW bank of a small resevoir. Homes and shops as well as the open campground are all within a rough barricade of junk mostly old cars & appliances with strands of barbed wire run through and across to make climbing or digging a painfull experience. A simpler post and barbed wire fence surrounds the outlying fields. About a dozen large dogs are released into this area at night to kill small pests & discourage nighttime visitors. The lake waters form the only real barrier at the back of the village though some simple boat snare have been devised and sunk in places the locals know to avoid.

pop:114 Mostly lvl 1-4 commoners. A few lvl 1-2 experts. The hunters Walt, Larson, William, and Carl are listed individually.

Additionally at any time there are 20-30 outsiders camped inside. Mostly experts, commoners, or low level warriors.


The campaign starts in the village of Littlejohn on the northwest bank of the Little Johnson Resevoir. Small fields of basic food crops such as corn and potatoes are the primary crops. You see a few horses and mules at work as well a small flock of sheep. Most of the villages meat comes from the fish in the resevoir, supplemented by occasional small game. The village supports about two dozen families. Most either farm or fish. A few craftsmen work at various trades, a blackmsith, a bot builder, a potter for instance. There is no real police force but Walt Jessing and his three grown suns are the villages primary hunters and generally try to keep the peace. There is no actual inn or tavern. But Miles Cooper runs a primitive still and sells his harsh and potent liquor in clay sealed jugs & recycled bottles under an old picnic pavilion. Strangers are allowed to camp in the old picnic grounds inside the barricade in small groups as long as they behave. Itinerant traders camp here as do city scavengers wishing the illusion of real safety on occasion as well as the chance to trade for theier scrounged goods.

The Village of Littlejohn

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