Walt Jessing

A weatherbeaten tough looking man in his late 30s.


Lvl 2 Man at Arms

Def:15/11 DR:1d2 HP:23 Reserve:23

Str: 16 Dex: 14 Con: 16 Int: 14 Wis: 12 Cha: 10

Saves: Fort:+5, Reflex:+4, Will:+3

Listen:7, Search:6, Sense Motive:9, Spot:6 Hide:7/6, Move Silently:7/6 Handle Animal:4, Ride:7, Survival:6, Use Rope:6 Climb:8/7,Swim 8/6, Balance:6/5, craft(bowyer):6

Languages:English, Spanish, German

feats:Wpn Focus(Hvy Crossbow), Point-Blank Shot(1), Mounted Archery(1), Rapid Reload (1)

Armor: Leather(1d2), buckler (+1 passive def) Weapons: Heavy Crossbow (+4 to hit(+5 under 30’)1d10, 19-20×2, 120’) Hand axe(+5 to hit, 1d6+3, 18-20×2) Dagger (+5 to hit(+4 thrown,+5 thrown within 30’)1d4+3(+4 thrown within 30 ft)


Walt is a tall broad shouldered man with a hard weatherbeaten looking face. He has brown hair cut short and hazel eyes. He usually wears leather armor with scraps of hunters camo sewn across it. He has a rather deep voice with a gravelly quality to it

Protective figure and psuedo-patriarch of Littlejohn. Walt was one of the first to help put this place together. The defenses are mostly of his design and the guard dogs bred from his own. His grandfather was hunter and outdoorsman before the war. It was the lessons taught to his father as a boy and passed down to Walt that kept him alive. His first duty is leading his sons and sometimes a few others on the hunts that give the village all the meat it gets that doesn’t come from fish. But he keeps his second duty the protection of the village and keeping is peace just as seriously. He is no policeman & he knows it. More often than not he simply stands with his burly sons behind him & listens then puts on a menacing scowl and forces people to sort things out for themselves. With outsiders this usually reults in a bowpoint escort out of town. When he believes its really necessary he is not above turning his axe backward and giving a brutal beating the the blunt metal back end of it.

Walt Jessing

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