Larson, William, and Carl Jessing

The three burly sons of Walt Jessing


Lvl 1 Warriors

Defense: 14/11 DR:1d3 HP:13

Str:15, Dex:13, Con:14, Int:10, Wis:12, Cha:8

Saves:Fort:+3, Reflex:+2, Will:+2


Languages:English, Some small smatterings of spanish


Armor:Studded Leather(1d3), Buckler (+1 passive def)

Weapon: Light Crossbow(+2 to hit,1d8 dmg, 80’) Hand Axe(+3 to hit, 1d6+2,x3) Club (+3 to hit, +2 thrown, 1d6+2,x3, 10’) Dagger(+3 to hit, +2 thrown,1d4+2,19-20×2,10’)


Larson is the oldest and most resembles his father short brown hair & hazel eyes. though th years haven’t hardened his features as much. He seeks at every turn to please and emulate his father whom he idolizes. Putting on a front of being much harder & tougher than he really is.

William is the middle son and the tallest of the bunch towering in at over 6’5” but isn’t quite as brawny as the rest. His hair is a much lighter shade of brown than his father & older brother & he wears it long, braiding it tightly when out on the hunt but often leaving it loose when in town. William has the typical big man small world syndrome bumping into low doorways and branches, though it never seems to happen out on the hunt in town he often seems quite clumsy and accident prone.

Carl most resembles their deceased mother. His hair is more dirty blonde than brown though he wears it short like his father and his eyes a dark shade of blue. He is the shortest in the family at 5’11” But his wide shoulders & thickly muscled chest keep anyone from thinking him small. His tanned face still manages to freckle significantly, he was quite sensitive about this until his mother died & then soon after seemed to take pride in them. He is normally the most quiet & reserved of the three brothers. Usually preferring to let his father or brothers do the talking. When he does talk his voice seems unusually quiet and small sounding. He is often seen in a quiet shady corner reading something or other

Larson, William, and Carl Jessing

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