Amanda Pickett

A pretty young redhead


Lv1 Commoner

Def: 11/10 DR: 0/1 Hp:5

Str:9, Dex:11,Con:12, Int:10,Wis:8, Cha:13

Traits:Charismatic(figured in)

Skills:Craft(sewing) 4, Profession(farmer) 4, Bluff 5, Diplomacy 3, gather Information 3

Feats:Skill affinity (sewing & bluff)

Armor:none normally, in an emergency she has a thick quilted overshirt that would act as padded armor(1) but never wears it unless ordered to do so by her parents in the event of a raid.

wpn:Club (-1 to hit,+0 thrown,1d6-1 dmg,x3,10’) Dagger (-1 to hit,+0 thrown,1d4-1 dmg,19-20×2,10’)


Cheerful and charming Amanda is the prettiest girl in the village and she knows it. She has all the boys in town wrapped around her finger but keeps them all at arms length. Most of the girls in town look up to her and follow her around. She continually puts off her parents attempts to find a husband for her as she has no real interest in settling down. While she keeps the local boys at arms length she carefully watches newcomers & strangers & is easily taken in by a handsome outsider with a way for words. She hopes to make one fall in love with her & take her away to someplace better & more exciting. though she has no real idea what this would mean or what other places would really be like.

Now she’s in a bit of a bind. As her father found out about her last “encounter” though she at least managed to convince him it was her first. He’s terribly angry & keeps yelling that she may be pregnant. On the other hand he’s talked of forcing the handsome fellow to marry her & that doesn’t sound so bad. If they were married he’d have to taker her with him wouldn’t he.

Amanda Pickett

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