Gorger Ratmen

ratlike humanoids that follow the Gorger


They are essentially identical the Brown Gorger ratmen from sword & sorcery’s original creature collection slightly modified to fit Iron Heroes rules.


These creatures were apparently created when some of the nanomachines spread across the world malfuctioned recognizing cellular damage in some of the living creatures they passed through these microscopic robots decided to try & repair the damage filling gaps in their data with DNA borrowed from other nearby lifeforms. The results were groups of humans fused with rats. Several varieties were created before the other nanobots recognized the malfunction & stopped them. Enough were produced to create potentially viable breeding populations.

The Gorgers are a flawed mixture as while they are sentient and of approximately human intellect they have little ability to control thier primal urges particularly hunger. A hungry gorger will do anything for food & will eat anything remotely edible. A hungry gorger is absolutely fearless and will ignore any pain, any threat, any obstacle between it and food. Only the presence of a albino priest can calm them at all and even one of these must be careful not to let them become too hungry.

these albino priests are absolutely in control of their warrens at least until starvation sets in. They are generally larger than the others and usually quite fat. there are rumors of high priests that can issue orders to many warrens and have them obeyed but no one has ever seen such a creature.

Gorger Ratmen

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