Grand Marshal Tammara Heron

The leader of the militaristic state of Citadel


Hunter 7, Aristocrat 2

( I chose to leave out any more detailed stats as the players may eventually be at odds with her. Depending on the course the campaign follows)

The Grand Marshal is an imposing figure. 5’11” in height. She has Blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. Her hair is worn in a single long brown braid. Streaked with occasional strands of grey. She remains an attractive woman though numerous scars what must have once been genuine beauty. In particular a deep scar where her she survived having her throat cut. And a vertical gouge that starts below her left eye and ends in the brow above it. Her eye is intact so it must have been a glancing blow too shallow to catch the eye itself. She is believed to be 32 years old.


Not too much is known about Heron before she founded Citadel. That she was a military leader with a small army is known. But where that army came from is not general knowledge though certainly some senior officers remain from that time. She decided that her forces needed a base. She chose to take and reinforce the old Citadel Mall building as the core of her base. A town began to grow around that base. The town eventually started to resemble a small city.

Grand Marshal Tammara Heron

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