Deathwatcher Ratmen

Talk black and white furred ratmen


Init:+1 Def:15(16 vs Dodge) Scale mail (DR:1d4) Hp:34

Scimitar:+4 to hit (1d6 dmg) 18-20/x2 + Poison

Lt. Crossbow: +4(5 within 30’) to hit (1d8 dmg(+1 within 30’)19-20×2 + Poison

Poison: Fort DC:14 or 1d6 dmg (Use other poisons sometimes)

Fort:+7 Ref: +3 Will:+3 Immune to Disease

escape artist(+3), Diplomacy(+1), Hide(+4), Move Silently(+3), Listen(+7), Search(+7),Sense Motive(+7),Spot(+7), Disable Device(+7), Forgery(+7), Open Lock(+7), Slight of Hand(+7), Climb +2, Swim +2

Str:10, Dex:13,Con:16, Int:12, Wis:12, Cha:12

Venom Mastery(1), Point Blank Shot(1), Wpn Focus:Scimitar(1)


Average about 6’5” to 7’ in height. But tend towards slender builds. They have Black fur with white patches, the amount and location of white varies from individual to individual. They are much more intelligent and self-controlled than their Gorger cousins. They make & use clothing and weapons of comparable quality to good human make. They prefer dark color & hoods in their clothing, they generally do not wear shoes however. They seem culturally obsessed with disease, poison and death.

Deathwatcher Ratmen

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