Red Witch Ratmen

Short red furred ratmen that all use magic.


Init:+3 Def:15(19 with mage armor) DR:1d2 (10 vs rng when protection from missiles is up)

Bite:+4 to hit (1d3 dmg), Claw:-1 to hit (1d4 dmg)

Fort:+6 Ref:+6 Will:+6

Darkvision 60’ Magic (See Below)

Wpn Focus:Ranged Touch attacks(1)

Skills:Concentration(+4), Escape Artist(+6), Hide(+5), Jump(+3), Swim(+4),Spellcraft(+7)

Magic:As standard action, Subject to armor, spell-like, require somatic & verbal.

At Will:Ray of Frost(1d3+6 Dmg), Mage Hand, Daze(Dc12 Will or lose next action), Feather Fall

1x Per Encounter:Mage Armor(+4 Def Passive), Magic Missle (1d4+1×2), Sleep (Dc13 will or sleep 4 rnds), Disguise Self

1x Daily:Scorching Ray(4d6 fire dmg, +6 to hit), Protection from missiles(DR 10/magic vs all ranged attacks), Shatter( Destroys a single solid inanimate object up to 4 cubic feet in volume, objects held receive a DC 14 fort save)


Little is known of these ratmen. They are often seen in the company of Deathwatchers. No one has ever seen a male of this subspecies. Nor has one incapable of using magic ever been seen. There magic seems distinctly different from that used by human arcanists. Little is known of their culture or beliefs. The appear to primarily worship a fire god.

Their fur is always primarily red in color though some individuals have patches of white and/or red giving them a fox like coloration. They are significantly shorter than other ratmen, averaging about 5’ in height.

They wear well-made clothing, but appear to disdain the use of all weapons even simple daggers or clubs. A few have been seen carrying staves, but none has ever seen them use one as a weapon.

Red Witch Ratmen

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